VRChat Better Gestures

142 ratings
I want this!

VRChat Better Gestures

142 ratings

Better and Cooler gestures for Non Index Users!

I absolutely hate how the normal gestures look like in comparison to the index ones when i downgraded to Vive controllers so i made new and better ones.

However i thought i would make it for everyone who doesn't have index as well to have gestures that sort of look like you have, instead of having the default ugly gestures that look all spread out and weird in my personal opinion.

(also has a Controller where ASL supportive gesture replaced intead of RockNRoll)

Now you can finally have cool finger gestures, a well upgrade!
All you have to do is to grab the Gesture Layer Controller i made, click on the avatar and put it in Gestures next to where you find the FX layer and everything

This is currently made for Panda's Female base, it is compatible with other bases too but may not be perfect, will update the package for other bases too if needed, although so far so good.

If you have any questions or find any issue with my work, join my Discord Server and im always happy to help!
or if you are interested in my future projects.
Discord server: https://discord.gg/sE6zxqs
My Discord: Wolvei#0001

You can of course use it as commercial use to put it on avatars you sell, do whatever you want with it, UPDATE: You don't have to put my Gumroad link anymore, but do so if you will ^^

If you like the gestures i made, please consider rating it 5 Stars.
I would also greatly appreciate any extra tip ^^
Either way, have a great day and best wishes to you my friend!

I want this!

New made hand gestures and animation controller to easly just put in

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